Trading | Gunship Battle: Total Warfare
Gunship Battle: Total Warfare Guide

Welcome to the guide!

Did you know that in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare,

there is a way to get a lot of [Silver] without battling?

You can get Silver by [Trading].

After reading this guide, you’ll get to know a ton more about [Trading].

So let’s get the guide started!

1. Trade Warehouse

- You can start or manage your trades from the [Trade Warehouse].

- You can level up your Trade Warehouse to raise its capacity.

2. How to Start Trading

- You can’t start trading without any trade goods at your disposal.

- You can check the trade goods and its price once you select a trade city on the Sea Map.

- For each trade city, you can send a ship. You cannot send a ship to a trade city from your aircraft carrier.

◈ The prices on each trade good constantly change

  but the prices shown on the Trade Warehouse updates every 10 minutes.

3. Purchase Trade Goods

- Once your ship arrives at a trade city, you can buy or sell trade goods.

- The purchased and current price difference will be shown in percent (%).

- Each trade good has a different price and capacity, 

and you can purchase trade goods as long as you have enough Silver and cargo space to ship the goods.

- If an alliance has conquered the trade city and set trade taxes, a portion of Silver used to purchase trade goods will be given to the alliance.

- If you are from the alliance that conquered the trade city, you will be exempt from trade taxes.

4. Sell Trade Goods

- You can only sell trade goods if the goods are available in the city as well.

- After you have purchased your trade goods and set sail,

 you will see recommended trade routes for the goods that you have purchased.

- When you arrive at a trade city with your goods, you can check the profit made from selling the goods in the [Sell] tab. 

- Your Silver earned will be reflected once you return your ship back to your base.

This is all there is to [Trading] in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.

Admirals, set sail now and make a fortune!

Bon Voyage!