What is Joyple Login?
Joyple Login is linking your account to the Joyple platform.If you choose to link your account, then you can enjoy all the games being serviced by Joycity with just one account.■ How to activate Joyple LoginTurn on the game -> [Profile] -> [Joyple Login] -> [Register] -> Agreement of Policy -> Enter email and password and click [Complete Registration] -> Login using the changed account■ How to login from another deviceTurn on the game -> [Profile] -> [Joyple Login] -> Enter account to login -> C
My account has been blocked. Why?
Based on the usage and the management policy, when you play the game inappropriately, your account will be blocked.In order to accurately confirm the reason why the account has been restricted, we would like to ask you to write your nickname when submitting your inquiry to our 1:1 customer center. We will guide you once the nickname is confirmed.
There is a user that uses an illegal program or a bug.
If you have any inconvenience by a user's use of illegal programs while playing the game, please report immediately to our Customer Center.We shall take appropriate management policy steps after confirming the program that has been reported. Please write down the following details below and send it to our Customer Center.- Your game nickname :- User's game nickname you would like to report :- Reason for reporting :※ Please understand the fact that it would be difficult to inform about the result
What is Mission Impossible?
Mission Impossible is a mode where you can clear separate missionsfor each plane to obtain Medals and rewards.There are 5 missions for each plane.If you clear all missions, various rewards and Medals are given.As the stages get higher, the enemies within the mission become stronger.■ How to play Mission ImpossibleClick [Special Mission] on the bottom of the lobby -> [Mission Impossible] -> Check missions possible and click [Enter]※ In order to proceed with each mission, you must first own the pl
I have a suggestion!
We sincerely appreciate for your infinite love and interest in Gunship Battle!Please feel free to send your ideas or suggestions for our improvement regardless of the format. This will help Second War to become a better game!![1:1 direct Customer Support]We will do our best to implement the suggestions which you send us! Thank you!