Does the WEMIX Wallet must be activated and can I use a new WEMIX Wallet account?
You should link WEMIX Wallet Address and in-game account before +5 days 00:00 (UTC) from the official release,   you can use the new WEMIX Wallet address!
Can you tell us about the NFT commander of Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX?
The Commander has a useful buff for the gameplay and special ability that increases the mining efficiency. Also the Commander is highly related with the Drone, which is the essential system for Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX. As the quantity and tier of the Commander increase, you can create more higher ranked Drones so you earn more Herostones.For the Commanders, you can obtain through the HeroStone exchanges or available for the transaction at NFT Market in the WEMIX Wallet.
How will Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX cope with the tokenomics?
Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX is a game in which tokenomics is the most essential element, unlike other WEMIX games.  For this reason, we will do our best with a lot of effort to focus on preventing the drop in token prices and for this subject, the relevant department will thoroughly prepare and inform you in person at the appropriate time!
How can I create a WEMIX Wallet account?
Create your account after downloading "WEMIX Wallet" from Google Playstore or Apple App Store.   You can check the address created after logging in.
Can you tell us about the strength or distinguible point that Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX makes different from other games?
For the strength and the disinguisible point of Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX, we can tell you about two of those.We inform you about the Commander System and Season Ranking System of Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX.You can strengthen the mining efficiency through the Commander and the distinguisible point is that providing a stable environment by applying the seasonal system.