In-Game Upgrade Chance
Hello, Admirals!We'd like to announce the change Rates for Equipment Upgrade, Ship Limit Break, and Jet Upgrade Plus.Please read below for details:※ Last Update on August 11th UTC.※ It can have delicate differences due to being rounded off the decimal place.■ Equipment Upgrade Chance Rate※ if the Upgrade is [Successful], it will rise b 1 stage, and if the Upgrade results [Great Success], it will incrase by 2 stages.- Head / Chest /Secondary Weapon / Boots / Primary Weapon Upgrade Change Rate by
How to recover deleted account
Your deleted account can be recovered within 7 days.Please send us a ticket through Customer Support if you wish to recover your deleted account.
In case of account reset
You can login the game with you linked account to continue your game progress. Please follow the steps below for login. ■ How to login1. Select the Admiral portrait at the left-upper of your game screen. 2. Select the Gear icon.3. Select Account4. Select Logout5. Select [Login with other account]※ If you are in [Guest Login] status, select the start button at the center.6. Login with your previously linked account.
In case of Black Screen issue occurring in [PC] launcher & being unable to proceed with [Skip] button
The issue occurs since Window Media is not installed on your PC.Window Media Install LinkPlease install proper Window Media version on your PC and try playing the game again.
In case of being unable to update the game at Store
If you are not able to update the game at store, please try following the steps below. ■ Google Play Store1. [Settings] > [Apps] > [Google Play Store]2. Uninstall updates, clear data, and clear cache.3. Reboot your device and enter Google Play Store > Select ‘Agree’ at a pop-up message4. Re-install the game.■ App Store (iOS)1. [AppStore] > [Update]2. Drag down your update category screen to renew the list of updates.※ If you play the game with guest account, all saved game data can be reset once