The Chance of Winning Items
Hello, Adventurers!       This is the GM of "Bless Mobile".      We would like to inform you chances to obtain items.      Please check the details below.                                                  Common Accessory Summon       Item   Chance (%)  Common  60.000%  Uncommon  35.000%  Rare  4.000%  Epic  0.999%  Legendary  0.001%                                      Uncommon Accessory Summon   Item  Chance (%)  Uncommon  60.000%  Rare  30.000%  Epic  9.000%  Legendary  1.000%                
Reset Game Data
You can delete game data from Bless Mobile.If you delete your game data, you might also delete any in-game achievements, characters, and progress.■ Delete Game Data for your Security In Bless Mobile menu, tap "Settings"> "Account"> "Reset Game" at the bottom right corner of the account page to delete and reset your game data.