Game of Dice Guide Character
1. Characters

We will tell you about characters in Game of Dice.


◆ How to Check Your Characters

: [Lobby] > [Storage] > [Character]


◆ Equip Character

- You can select the character you own to equip.

- Tap the character you want to change and equip.



◆ How to Check Your Character Stats


- Tap the information button to check your equipped character’s stats.


◆ Equip Character Title


- Tap [Title] to equip the character title.

- Character title will be available when you have all the characters for the title.

- You can check the title effects at [Title].


◆ Jokers


- You can select or change the Jokers you own at [Manage Jokers].


- Use 500 Topaz upon changing Joker.


◆ Sell Characters


- Sell the characters you want at [Sell].

- Sell a Character Upgrade Star to obtain Luxury Pts.


Thank you.

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