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[Guide] Server Transfer Rules

Hello Captains,

This is the King of Fighters: Survival City.


Please refer to the below details of the server transfer rules. 


[Server Transfer Rules]

1. Servers are classified into two categories: Open and Protected servers.

- Protected Server: Server has been open for less than 90 days

- Open Server: Server has been open for more than 91 days

         ※ Temporary classifications will be applied during the Server Transfer Event 

              (May 22nd after maintenance ~ May 24th 01:00 UTC)  

  - Open Servers (Servers 500 – 504)

  - Protected Servers (Server 505  Servers opened after 505)


2. Transfer eligibility is as follows:

  - Captains with Mainbase level 7 or below: Eligible to transfer to all servers.

  - Captains with Mainbase level 8 and above: Eligible to transfer to Open servers.


3. Transfer requires Visa. The required amount of Visa for a transfer varies by Captain’s growth.

  - Captains can choose the server to transfer to by clicking the Visa item.

  - Captains with Mainbase level 7 or below require 1 Visa for transfer. 

  - Captains with Mainbase level 8 and above require more Visa according to the combat power. 

  ※ All requirements are lowered to 1 Visa for transfer 

      during the Server Transfer Event (May 22nd after maintenance ~ May 25th 01:00 UTC). 

      1 Visa will be provided to all Captains. 

  ※ The 1 free Visa provided will not expire after the event (May 22nd after maintenance ~ May 25th 01:00 UTC).


4. There is a combat power limit to the transfer based on the server age.

  - Exceeding the combat power limit will not allow transfer to the server.

5. There is a 90-day cool down period after transferring to a different server.

  - Captains cannot transfer servers during the cool down, even if there is a sufficient amount of Visa for the transfer. 


[Notes on Server Transfer]

  - All deployed troops must return to the territory, not fighting. 

  - Upon transferring servers, the game will automatically restart 

     and your territory will be transferred to a random location on the selected server.

  - All unclaimed items in Mailbox must be claimed before transferring.

  - Captains must leave the guild before applying for a transfer. 

  - Certain events or missions in process may be reset after the transfer.

  - Event and mission schedule will follow the transferred server’s age. 

  - Battle reports and bookmarks will be reset.

  - Captain’s rank will be reapplied in the new server. 


Looking forward to our Captains’ active participation,

The King of Fighters: Survival City will always provide our utmost for a more enjoyable service. 


Thank you. 


※ We will post a further announcement for the Server Transfer Event details. 

※ Server Transfer rules are subject to change due to internal circumstances.

※ Guide updated on July 25th, 2023

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