The King of Fighters: Survival City Obtainable Rate Notice
Hello Captains,This is the King of Fighters: Survival City. We are excited to share the rates of obtainable items in the King of Fighters: Survival City! Please refer to the below charts for more details. *- (Updated June 21st, 2023)
[Guide] Server Transfer Rules
Hello Captains,This is the King of Fighters: Survival City. Please refer to the below details of the server transfer rules.  [Server Transfer Rules]1. Servers are classified into two categories: Open and Protected servers.- Protected Server: Server has been open for less than 90 days- Open Server: Server has been open for more than 91 days         ※ Temporary classifications will be applied during the Server Transfer Event               (May 22nd after maintenance ~ May 24th 01:00 UTC)    - Open
How to withdraw account
Withdrawing your account can be done within the game. [How to Withdraw] 1. Login to the King of Fighters: Survival City 2. Select Captain’s portrait (upper left corner) 3. Select Settings (upper right corner) 4. Account 5. Leave Game 6. Check Pop-up content and Leave Game     ※ As a 1-time support, Captains may cancel your withdrawal within the 7-day grace period.     ※ Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulties accessing the game.         ㄴ [Customer Support]
Why can't I download the game? (Android)
If you have insufficient internal memory space on your Android device, you may have difficulties installing the game. Please refer to the following steps to make sure that your device has sufficient internal memory space before installing the game. ■ How to Optimize Internal Storage Space: Delete cache of applications in use - [Settings] > [Apps] > Select apps > Storage > Click [Clear Cache]■ Delete data & apps not in use- Delete apps, photos, videos not in use※ How to clear cache may vary depen
How to check my purchase receipts
※ Follow the steps below to locate the payment receipt.[Google]1. Access Google Pay: Login with your Google account.3. Check your payment history > Tap the purchase you wish to check.※ The receipt number followed by 'GPA.' must be included.[App Store/iOS]1. Access and sign in with your Apple ID and password. 2. A list of recent purchases appears, select the purchase you wish to check.3. Take a screenshot of the purchase with its des